3 Visual Learning

3 Visual Learning

Oh man! I had way too much fun with this one! There seems to be endless possibilities with the graphic organizers and word clouds!  I am going to spend some more time googling uses in the elementary classroom to get inspired.  There are so many creative ways to put these into your lessons for those visual learners.  The first Wordle I tried was just copying and pasting a paragraph about Sloths from Nat Geo for Kids.  We do a unit on ecosystems every year and the students spend time researching specific animals that live in their ecosystem.  I thought this would be a cool way to represent main ideas about an animal.

Wordle: Sloth


So many for the 108 uses for Word Clouds hit home for me.  I could definitely see myself using them for vocabulary, book reviews, parts of speech and for students to check their word usage in a piece of writing. I also think it would be awesome for community building at the beginning of the year.  Each student could create a word cloud about themselves.

I also couldn’t resist playing with Tagxedo.  I thought it was a perfect tool for opening the school year.  It is a great place to put words and character traits that are important for success this school year.  I chose to copy and paste our classroom promise into Tagxedo.  I loved that I could make it in the shape of a star to go with our Superstar classroom theme!

Our Promise to Each Other

Our Promise to Each Other


I decided to try playing with Popplet to experiment with mind mapping.  I imagined that it would be a great tool for students to show the multiple ways to represent and solve a multiplication problem.  Click Here to check out my multiplication Popplet.

QR Code for Waverly Community Schools Website

QR Code for Waverly Community Schools Website


QR Codes are completely new to me.  I am one of those crazy people without a smart phone so have never had the chance to experiment with them.  It was interesting to read about the many uses for them.  I could see using it for scavenger hunts or classroom tours on curriculum night.  I emailed our district tech department to see if there is a QR Code reader available for the Chrome Books our kiddos will be using.  Looking forward to trying this out in the fall!  Today I used QR Stuff to create a QR Code for my school webpage.


The infographic was definitely the most challenging for me.  I struggled to come up with what kind of information to present on it, but also how I would use it in the classroom.  Formatting was also much more challenging with this tool.  I tried modifying one of the available themes on Piktochart to present data about my students’ feelings towards math and reading as well as their success rate.  Check it out below.

Math vs Reading Infographic using Piktochart

Math vs Reading Infographic using Piktochart

All of these tools clearly tie into the CITW9 best practices: nonlinguistic representation and using advanced organizers.  I can really see my students organizing their ideas using popplet.  I can also create QR codes for students in anticipation of a lesson to support cues, questions, and advanced organizers

PHEW, that was a lot of learning!  SO excited to implement these things in the classroom and even more excited to play around with all of these new sites.  So finally, to conclude my never ending post about Visual Learning, go check out my Face of the Classroom page to see how I used to Tagxedo to display our classroom promise!



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  1. Wow, nice job. Probably too many words in your Wordle, but it looks neat! Definitely can tell Sloth is what it is about.

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