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When I took the quiz, I realized I had a lot of basic knowledge but not enough to feel confident in most areas.  I felt comfortable with browser gymnastics and using some simple shortcuts.  I needed to watch tutorials on screenshots and advanced browser gymnastics.  I also spent some time reading up on the standards mentioned: ISTE Standards for Teachers, Best Practice Strategies (based on the Marazano 9), SAMR Model. I took the typing test and was able to type 65 WPM with 91% accuracy, so I felt pretty good about that.  I learned many new things during this lesson but the two that stand out the most are the ability to use the control + and – shortcuts to zoom in and out and also how to save a screenshot has a picture.  I modeled the zooming shortcut for a friend and for a co-worker because I was so excited about it!  It was very simple to demonstrate and they caught on right away.  This process of learning is new to me.  I have never taken an online class before.  I did like having the quiz to help me hone in on what tutorials I really needed to focus on, however I was a little overwhelmed by the many videos.  I think I will need to revisit a few.  I appreciated being able to save the pdfs about shortcuts for future reference.

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Screenshot and Browser Gymnastics practice